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10 May 2004 @ 12:44 am
Over my head.  
I am going to work obscene amounts this week. And school. And that meeting. And...I'm going to get tired. I'm psychic! And scheduling ahead. Friday: sleep in. But that's it. And all insomnia-hours will be dedicated to data-entry work. Ooh, fun. I am still fascinated with my nails, and they have not yet hindered my typing skills.

So other than that, I've been thinking about things people want to do before they die. Since I just love list-making, I'm sure I'll get around to making my own personal list of these things. But right now, I'm curious: what are a few of the things you would like to do before your time is up?

Just to be fair, here are a few of the more tangible things off the top of my head I would like to do:

1. Own (and ride, dangit) a motorcycle.
2. Gamble and lose. Metaphorically. Or literally, but not in Vegas-style financial gamble.
3. Live outside the US for a while.
4. See old Disney cartoons on cable again. God, I miss that.

And a bunch of other typical wishes, like fall in love, have kids, and own my house.
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Icons & Skribbles..viridian_zephyr on May 10th, 2004 05:03 pm (UTC)
Time flies.
Aww Disney cartoons. I used to do that! *siiigh* how I would love that. How time flies by. I used to watch Sailor Moon while my mom fed me a nice bowl of rice. Sigh.

Oh, gambling. Bad, bad. My sister is a gambling-holic. ;_; And live outside the U.S? Nod. Nod. Definitely somewhere in Europe--in the country with nice rain and green, green scenery. Ireland!

Which brings me to...

[before I die, I want to..]:
1. Live in Europe--anywhere. Italy, Spain, or Ireland will be nice for me. XD!!
2. Just sit back and watch life go by in my own little world, while sipping a nice cup of tea.
3. Do what my mom always talks about me doing when I grow older--marry a nice, respectable man. In her language, a Buddhist. -_-;;
4. REBEL! Run wild! Free! ._.

^_^ Yup. At least, on the top of my head, yeah.

by the way, I'll post this question on my Live Journal for people to answer to, ne?