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19 April 2004 @ 11:52 pm

It's an analogy about how a person starts the day with a certain number of "spoons" to use as the time passes; or, as the author puts it so eloquently, "most people start the day with unlimited amount of possibilities, and energy to do whatever they desire, especially young people." Each spoon represents a certain amount of energy you have to accomplish a certain task; some tasks take more spoons than others. One spoon gets used to get up, one gets used to shower, one gets used to prepare breakfast, and so on. But some people, like the chronically ill woman who wrote this, start out with a lot less spoons than people expect to get. It forces you to weigh your decisions much more heavily.

I particularly liked these quotes:

"Showering cost her a spoon, just for washing her hair and shaving her legs. Reaching high and low that early in the morning could actually cost more than one spoon, but I figured I would give her a break; I didn’t want to scare her right away."

"Sometimes you can borrow against tomorrow’s "spoons", but just think how hard tomorrow will be with less "spoons".

Quotes © 2003 by Butyoudontlooksick.com
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